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Time for a change

I’ve missed another day. I took pictures and had every intention of uploading, but life just got in the way.

I’ve decided to abort Project 365, and change the focus of this blog. I’d like it to be a photography blog. Now that I have my new camera I’m excited about my pictures and I’d like to still share them, without completely clouding up my Blogger. You’ll still see duplicate photos sometimes, but I take far more than I share over there.

I’m ok with not completing Project 365. Starting it, doing it, has actually done what it’s supposed to have done. It makes me stop and take more photos to remember life’s moments. I take pictures CONSTANTLY now. I don’t need the stress of having to stop and upload to this every single day.

So keep following for photos, just not every day. I do have some I took today I want to share, hopefully tonight but no promises!


I didn’t know iPhoto had a trash bucket. Oops.

Bear hat!

Yesterdays pic